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For BMW X5 X6 E70 E71 E72 2007-2014 10.25" Apple CarPlay & Android auto Head unit

For BMW X5 X6 E70 E71 E72 2007-2014 10.25" Apple CarPlay & Android auto Head unit

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Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year full warranty, ensuring the quality and reliability of our Completely Wireless CarPlay system.

Compatible Models:

  • BMW X5 E70 2007-2014 CCC/CIC System
  • BMW X6 E71 2007-2014 CCC/CIC System

Note: The CarPlay head unit outputs sound through AUX, please make sure your car has AUX function.


How does it work?

While the unit (CarPlay Head unit) is inactive, the original video signal is passed unchanged, and your car works as before.

After activating the CarPlay Head unit, the CarPlay unit video signal is shown on the display instead.

When you reverse the car while using the CarPlay system, the system will automatically switch to the camera without manual operation.

You can easily switch system back and forth between the unit and your original head unit.

(TIPS: Press and hold the “Menu” key to switch the system)


This is a multimedia touch screen with built-in compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Google Android auto. It will replace your OEM screen and add the following features to your car:
  • Apple CarPlay (wired and wireless)
  • Android Auto (wired and wireless)
  • Play video or music from USB
The head unit Built-in microphone and supports Siri and Google Assistant either via voice keyword (‘Hey Siri’ / ‘Okay Google’) or by long pressing the steering wheel voice button.

  • Compatible with most of the steering wheel control functions. Easy to switch songs, channels and adjust volume to provide you a safer and more enjoyable journey.
  • Compatible with original car iDrive knob
  • Keeping original Car Radio/ Car CD player and Amplifier... all function.
  • Don't need to destroy the original car line, don't change original anything, plug and play
  • Compatible with the original parking sensor
  • Compatible original Car Optic fiber system
  • Support original rear camera

NOTE: This unit is not an Android system. You must be connected to your phone (wired or wireless) to use CarPlay and Android auto functions. Without a mobile phone connected, you can only use the OEM system or simple music and video playback functions.

This unit does not support Airplay and screen mirroring.

Optional accessories

>> Rear camera: BUY IT NOW


Installation Manual

Installation Manual: Download PDF >

Reference video:
The video shows the cable connection and usage method of the BMW E90. The connection and usage methods of other BMW models are the same as the E90.


Screen size: 10.25" touch screen
Resolution: 1920*720

Delivery Info:

Shipping Cost: Free Shipping
Carrier: USPS/Yun Express
Delivery Time: about 7 days
Tax: No Tax

Packing list:

Package Size: 31.5 × 20 × 16 cm
Package weight: 2 kg

User Interface: 

Frequently Asked Questions


1 What is the factory-set password for the head unit?


2 After completing the installation, the OEM system displays the wrong resolution.


You need to change the factory settings.

Setup--Factory--password:8866--car setup--Choose the correct vehicle model and screen size


3 Why is there no audio when playing music?

Regarding the problem of no sound, you need to pay attention to the following 2 points:

1. Please check if you have connected the OEM optical fiber to the new power plug.


2. You need to set the sound source to AUX in the OEM system.

If you have done the above 2 items and it still has no sound, please use another AUX cable to connect the AUX output cable of the CarPlay unit and the OEM aux plug.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jeffery Thomas
Looks great!

Only wish it came with easier to follow installation instructions.

Everything as Advertised

Great product !!!
Installation and camera was seamless.
CIC 10.25 head unit was more than an upgrade.
I received my order in 8 days.
I love the shape of the BMW X5 E70. Now with the Wakaa Head Unit and camera, it feels like a 5 year old car.

Ronald Thorpe
5 stars!!

Super easy install with all connections included. Very happy

Wyatt Becquette
Great Addition

I love it. I haven't quite got it to work like the factory one in my 2016 X5 but it is light years ahead from what I had.

Awesome System

I purchased this unit as I have always wanted to have CarPlay in my vehicle. I was getting FOMO after using it in rentals! This was a fantastic upgrade in my 2011 BMW X5 E70 and the wireless feature is incredible - I never need to do something on my phone when I get in the car which is so nice. The unit itself arrived within a week of ordering well packaged. We have installed several radios over the years and were pretty familiar with what needed to be done to install this. While there was no documentation or instructions included, I did find that support was very quick to respond to my questions and after a few emails, I was able to be fully up and running. My only recommendation would be to include some type of instructions and/or video specific to the E70. The video that was available was not helpful at all and was poorly documented in my opinion. The backup camera works great (using OEM) once I was able to select the type of car that I had and it's very easy to flip between the system menu and OEM menu when needed. Don't hesitate on buying this, it's well worth the money and is a beautiful addition to an older car.